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Adam Caar


Use this space to introduce yourself and share your professional history.


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Mark Jontry.jpg

Mark Jontry

Regional Superintendent of Schools
ROE # 17

Jenn Carey 8.1.22 7t2a0342.jpg

Jennifer Carey


Nona Waller 8.12.22 7t2a6821.jpeg

Nona Waller

Licensed Therapist

Molly Allen 2019.jpg

Molly Allen

Assistant Regional
Superintendent of Schools

ROE # 17

Michelle Hartrich 8.12.22 7t2a6807.jpeg

Michelle Hartrich

Case Manager

Casey Winstead 8.12.22 7t2a6788.jpeg

Casey Winstead


Trisha Malott 8.12.22 7t2a6797.jpeg

Trisha Malott

Nicole Holliday 8.1.22 7t2a0341.jpeg

Nicole Conlin

Case Manager


Ron Folkens

Technology Coordinator


Michael Turner


Please note that all student referrals must come from your home school district.  If you are following up on a referral your home district may have sent to Bridge, please check with your home district first.  For more information about Central Illinois Bridge Academy or to follow-up on a referral Bridge has already received, please email:

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